My passion for photography has grown steadily from the time I was about 13 years old. I started taking photos with a Kodak box camera that used 120 mm film. I shot black and white because it was the least expensive film.

In 2006 I became interested in photography again when my wife and I took a trip to Europe. My attention and interest in photography became focused while editing the photos of our trip to make a slide show.

My editing of those photos and then producing the slide shows enhanced our memories of the places we visited.My goal through editing, re-editing and producing a slide show version after slide show version was to produce the feel and beauty in the photos, not just what the camera lens was able to capture. The term used by many photography professionals and enthusiast is to describe images that are the result of the native camera capture is "flat".

My goal is to provide my clients with images that have the feel and vitality that returns the observer back to that moment. When doing a portrait session my goal is to work with my client to become relaxed in front of the camera so much so that my client will let the mask fall and real image that I work to capture.